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Digital and data-driven business consulting

A consultative approach to problem-solving, decision making, and action planning is at the center of our processes. We are here to help you realise your potential and discover what’s next in the ever changing corporate landscape.


About Us

Technological innovation, change in legislations and adapting to the new normal requires continuous change and adaptation to industry movement. It is often necessary to look for suitable-partner for support to compensate lack of time, resources or competences.
LULOSIM (Pty) Ltd is a Management Consulting company in the technology space operating from South African and has national and international reach in its offering. Established during the world wide pandemic in 2020 as a solely black-owned entity, that mainly operates in the IT sector.


– To formulate strategic partnerships with our clients
– To strive for the provision of superior quality solutions to our client’s challenges
through innovative thinking
– To explore our clients’ opportunities
– Empower businesses to make informed decisions, based on reliable information.


LULOSIM (Pty) Ltd is a Management Consulting entity that offers high impact data driven intelligence for our client’s business with an aim to enable an environment that allows the organisation to increase productivity, activity and performance that enhances the bottom line.


To establish a footprint in the market by providing world-class expertise to our clients, ensuring we deliver high quality solutions, while innovating client processes.



LULOSIM applied a methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. This approach is also known as Design Thinking. In applying this approach across our service offering we are able to tackle complex problems that are ill defined or unknow by the organisation’s staff or management. By re-framing the problems, we are able to identify human centric ways of understanding and solving them. We implement the Agile methodology in your organisation and boost the organisation’s throughput by using the following process:


From a business perspective, our initial approach is to gain a deeper understand through what the company shares and through our engagement with key personnel involved in the area of concern.


Using our Business Analytical tools and Business intelligence data sampling we are able to collate and deconstruct what we see in order to synthesize before we assume the core problem that needs to be addressed.


Using our experienced team we are able to generate ideas by drawing similarities between the problem identified and previous solutions that worked. This approach allows us to avoid reinventing the wheel and to rather enhance or tailor solutions for your organization. The proverbial “Thinking outside the box” is an approach we use during our Ideate process as we have to identify a sustainable solution for your company.


Depending on the area of focus, we develop or design a prototype solution that can be presented to management before the deployment of the software build or creating of strategy. This step allows us to leverage off the company’s previous experience that may have not been communicated to us during the fact-finding step.


Through out our service offering, we stress test our approach using various methodologies that have allowed us to simulate outcomes and predict potential barriers. Assessing human capital, competencies and scalability we are able to recommend the most desirable approach that suites your organsation. Lulosim prides itself in our inhouse continuous support and flexible custom service level agreements to suite our clients demand.


With the ever-changing global climate and relevance in service and product offering to an organisation’s target market, LULOSIM, caters for a wide spectrum of clients ranging from the financial sector such as banking, to the telecommunications sector, from private companies to the public sector departments at local, provincial and government departments.